Past Events

History of the symposia

Since 2006 the International Sport Business Symposium has been organised at different occasions and venues where Olympic scholars travel to and meet. In ancient Greece, the symposium was a key social institution in Hellenic culture and provided a platform for debate and celebration with others. The philosophy of the International Sport Business Symposium also is to offer a platform for discussion and debate at a place where scholars do their research. This is why the symposium is traditionally staged during the Olympic Games as well as other Olympic events.

Thanks to the help and cooperation with partner universities in the respective host cities, we have been able so far to offer participation in the symposium free of charge. Key note speakers are usually high-level executives from the Olympic family, who can provide insights from behind the scenes and who are always receptive to open discussions with scholars and academics. The offer to share such practical knowledge is of course highly appreciated.

Turin 2006

Beijing 2008

Vancouver 2010

Innsbruck 2012

London 2012

Buenos Aires 2013

Lillehammer 2016

Rio 2016